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COVID-19 & Health

Nearly one out of every 715 people in the US died from coronavirus in 2021. That's 464,000 people.

Non-Hispanic white Americans, who make up 59.7% of the population, accounted for 65.9% of COVID-19 deaths in 2021, up from 60.4% in 2020.

COVID-19 & Health

In 2021, 34 million Americans tested positive for COVID-19, up 70% from 20 million in 2020.

Cases peaked in January 2021, September, and again in December. States determined their own mitigation strategies for most of the year. For up-to-date data on COVID-19 cases and deaths, visit the map and daily tracker.

COVID-19 & Health

As of January 31, 2022, 75% of the population had received at least one COVID-19 vaccine. Twenty-seven percent had received a booster shot.

Daily administered doses peaked in April 2021 when all adults became vaccine-eligible. For the most recent vaccination data, see the USAFacts coronavirus vaccine tracker.

COVID-19 & Health

Personal healthcare spending was $3.4 trillion in 2020, a 4.5% increase from 2019.

Hospital expenditures and physician services drove the increase, with spending in both categories rising faster in 2020 than the average annual change from 2009 to 2019.​

COVID-19 & Health

Twenty-eight million Americans (8.6% of the population) did not have health insurance in 2020, up from 8% in 2019.

The number of Americans with private health insurance dropped by 2%. The employment rate fell during that time.

COVID-19 & Health

Preliminary data shows that 3.4 million people died in 2021, 13% more than in 2019. The top three causes — heart disease, cancer, and COVID-19 — accounted for 50% of deaths.

COVID-19 was the reported cause of 12% of all 2021 deaths compared to 10% in 2020.​​

COVID-19 & Health

The federal government spent $141 billion on public health in 2021 — a 21% decrease from 2020, but more than double its 2019 public health spending.

Most of the increase in federal public health spending was for the Provider Relief Fund, which pays healthcare providers for coronavirus-related expenses.

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