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Standard of Living

Middle-class families (the middle 20% of income earners) average $49,000 in market income from sources including wages, investments, and retirement.

That's $4,000 less than in 2000 (adjusted for inflation) — with a greater proportion coming from retirement savings like pensions and 401(K)s.

Standard of Living

Middle-class families receive an average $19,000 in government assistance from programs like Medicare, Social Security, and food stamps.

That's $7,000 more than in 2000 (adjusted for inflation) — with a greater proportion coming in the form of healthcare and tax credits.

In 2017, families making a minimum of $33,000 were in the middle class. This is $5,000 less than the lowest middle-class income in 2000.

Standard of Living

On average, middle-class families pay $15,000 in combined federal, state, and local taxes.

That’s $2,000 less than in 2000 (adjusted for inflation).

Standard of Living

Middle-class families collectively own 7% of all wealth.

In 1989, the middle class owned 12%.

Standard of Living

The poverty rate decreased from 15% in 2010 to 11.8% in 2018.

The rate fell from 27.4% to 20.8% for Black people and 26.5% to 17.6% for Hispanic people.

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