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In 2019, the federal government spent $29 billion on infrastructure and transferred an additional $67 billion in infrastructure spending to states.

Most infrastructure spending comes directly from state and local governments, which recently spent $162 billion on projects in 2017, excluding federal transfers.


Half of federal transportation spending goes to highways, with air and rail the next biggest categories.


Our bridges are improving.

The proportion of bridges rated as poor decreased from 9.4% in 2012 to 7.6% in 2018.


The condition of urban interstates and minor roads is improving.

Rural interstates and minor roads are improving as well, though to a lesser extent.


Train infrastructure is degrading.

Two-thirds of train tunnels and nearly one-third of train control systems and elevated structures were rated as poor or substandard as of last count.


In 2017, traffic congestion delayed vehicle commuters by an average of 54 hours a year.

In 1982, annual delays averaged 18 hours.

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