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Tennessee Coronavirus Cases and Deaths

Track the spread of COVID-19 by state

Data Updated Jan 18, 2021

Total ReportedOn Jan 177-Day Average
Known Cases685,3214,4744,493

New Known Cases Per Day

New Known Deaths Per Day

In Tennessee, there were 4,474 newly reported COVID-19 cases and 36 newly reported COVID-19 deaths on Jan 17, 2021


Known Cases Per 100,000 Residents

From cities to rural towns, stay informed on where COVID-19 is spreading to understand how it could affect families, commerce, and travel. Follow new cases found each day and the total number of cases and deaths in Tennessee. The county-level tracker makes it easy to follow COVID-19 cases on a granular level, as does the ability to break down infections per 100,000 people. This county visualization is unique to USAFacts and will be updated with the most recent data as frequently as possible. The underlying data is available for download below the US county map and has helped government agencies like Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its nationwide efforts.

County Stats for Tennessee

CountyKnown CasesDeathsKnown Cases (Per 100K)
Anderson County6,7591028,780
Bedford County5,3208610,701
Benton County1,319358,162
Bledsoe County1,7411011,557
Blount County11,8871248,932
Bradley County10,751909,945
Campbell County3,239408,130
Cannon County1,5701910,696
Carroll County3,0785911,085
Carter County5,0911129,028
Cheatham County3,352308,243
Chester County1,7323710,013
Claiborne County2,101296,574
Clay County9372612,305
Cocke County3,428569,521
Coffee County5,606819,919
Crockett County1,8033812,670
Cumberland County5,378728,886
Davidson County70,70666110,186
DeKalb County2,4174111,796
Decatur County1,4722612,621
Dickson County5,346789,910
Dyer County4,7368212,745
Fayette County3,962519,632
Fentress County2,1253111,472
Franklin County4,107589,730
Gibson County5,63011111,459
Giles County3,2107110,895
Grainger County2,081358,924
Greene County6,5691089,511
Grundy County1,3932010,375
Hamblen County6,95410910,709
Hamilton County34,5563269,395
Hancock County40266,073
Hardeman County3,0875212,323
Hardin County2,9764711,601
Hawkins County4,449687,835
Haywood County2,3974513,852
Henderson County3,3205611,808
Henry County2,603588,048
Hickman County2,227348,845
Houston County9392211,450
Humphreys County1,326177,136
Jackson County1,037218,799
Jefferson County4,749758,715
Johnson County2,0153211,328
Knox County38,6463938,217
Lake County1,5531922,135
Lauderdale County2,9313111,434
Lawrence County5,0756911,497
Lewis County1,2722010,368
Lincoln County3,7834411,008
Loudon County4,937509,131
Macon County2,8735011,678
Madison County9,0991789,286
Marion County2,277317,877
Marshall County3,435369,993
Maury County10,94112311,351
McMinn County5,066739,417
McNairy County2,381429,267
Meigs County1,140169,177
Monroe County4,551629,778
Montgomery County14,3671496,874
Moore County795912,253
Morgan County1,886148,812
Obion County3,9947813,283
Overton County2,5294211,371
Perry County9472511,726
Pickett County6761913,391
Polk County1,428178,484
Putnam County9,93113612,376
Rhea County3,8155611,502
Roane County5,191799,724
Robertson County7,6188510,608
Rutherford County33,1142839,966
Scott County2,2523110,205
Sequatchie County1,365189,084
Sevier County10,46110810,647
Shelby County76,1671,1288,127
Smith County2,3052711,435
Stewart County1,052207,670
Sullivan County12,5772117,943
Sumner County18,2052309,517
Tipton County6,1906510,049
Trousdale County2,2871420,268
Unicoi County1,668439,327
Union County1,387216,945
Van Buren County658711,206
Warren County4,9755312,053
Washington County11,8891919,190
Wayne County2,6071915,636
Weakley County3,3944810,184
White County3,1004311,337
Williamson County21,3641388,961
Wilson County14,4051559,958

To learn more about how we did this, visit our detailed methodology and sources page.

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