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Texas Coronavirus Cases and Deaths

Track the spread of COVID-19 by state

Data Updated Jan 18, 2021

Total ReportedOn Jan 177-Day Average
Known Cases2,116,17417,40722,691

New Known Cases Per Day

New Known Deaths Per Day

In Texas, there were 17,407 newly reported COVID-19 cases and 207 newly reported COVID-19 deaths on Jan 17, 2021


Known Cases Per 100,000 Residents

From cities to rural towns, stay informed on where COVID-19 is spreading to understand how it could affect families, commerce, and travel. Follow new cases found each day and the total number of cases and deaths in Texas. The county-level tracker makes it easy to follow COVID-19 cases on a granular level, as does the ability to break down infections per 100,000 people. This county visualization is unique to USAFacts and will be updated with the most recent data as frequently as possible. The underlying data is available for download below the US county map and has helped government agencies like Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its nationwide efforts.

County Stats for Texas

CountyKnown CasesDeathsKnown Cases (Per 100K)
Anderson County5,575749,656
Andrews County1,606368,586
Angelina County6,5521917,556
Aransas County893263,798
Archer County69488,114
Armstrong County12666,677
Atascosa County3,781877,392
Austin County1,368174,555
Bailey County7411410,586
Bandera County820203,548
Bastrop County4,361554,915
Baylor County27497,808
Bee County3,060539,397
Bell County16,5122084,550
Bexar County148,5552,0197,415
Blanco County318112,665
Borden County1802,752
Bosque County984205,266
Bowie County4,7791385,125
Brazoria County25,7142756,871
Brazos County16,6341617,257
Brewster County939810,203
Briscoe County11337,309
Brooks County683299,629
Brown County3,382818,932
Burleson County1,092225,921
Burnet County2,193344,554
Caldwell County2,726556,243
Calhoun County1,361126,393
Callahan County931276,677
Cameron County32,6981,1267,727
Camp County961327,339
Carson County330115,569
Cass County1,476584,916
Castro County8312211,036
Chambers County3,431137,827
Cherokee County3,491886,631
Childress County1,2841317,575
Clay County874138,347
Cochran County215127,536
Coke County4261012,578
Coleman County579207,083
Collin County63,2394726,112
Collingsworth County23688,082
Colorado County1,235175,746
Comal County7,3141864,682
Comanche County1,118368,199
Concho County24548,988
Cooke County2,806456,801
Coryell County4,313425,679
Cottle County176712,589
Crane County4821110,048
Crockett County4681313,510
Crosby County380226,624
Culberson County293413,496
Dallam County465206,381
Dallas County233,2482,4258,850
Dawson County1,5755912,374
DeWitt County1,553507,703
Deaf Smith County2,4166013,027
Delta County20853,902
Denton County46,2724335,215
Dickens County13576,106
Dimmit County904138,929
Donley County28178,572
Duval County1,053329,438
Eastland County972235,294
Ector County12,2222677,353
Edwards County207310,714
El Paso County106,6771,93512,711
Ellis County16,4031998,875
Erath County3,470428,127
Falls County1,308227,562
Fannin County2,439666,868
Fayette County1,431435,646
Fisher County266106,945
Floyd County6282510,994
Foard County9157,879
Fort Bend County43,6624365,379
Franklin County558155,203
Freestone County988295,011
Frio County2,1482310,578
Gaines County1,302366,058
Galveston County26,8982487,862
Garza County277184,447
Gillespie County1,830316,781
Glasscock County9416,671
Goliad County29993,904
Gonzales County1,962299,416
Gray County1,748407,987
Grayson County8,7662206,436
Gregg County8,4512176,818
Grimes County1,960516,787
Guadalupe County9,1231265,468
Hale County5,63613416,871
Hall County3391111,437
Hamilton County546216,453
Hansford County6711712,428
Hardeman County31998,111
Hardin County4,080687,083
Harris County281,4223,7925,971
Harrison County3,485705,236
Hartley County31615,667
Haskell County355146,274
Hays County14,4601276,282
Hemphill County446211,678
Henderson County4,4341005,359
Hidalgo County56,4552,0146,499
Hill County2,397466,540
Hockley County2,039918,857
Hood County5,050858,192
Hopkins County2,508856,763
Houston County1,335295,812
Howard County4,1707711,374
Hudspeth County48789,967
Hunt County4,5571014,622
Hutchinson County1,252575,980
Irion County7915,143
Jack County530125,932
Jackson County1,284238,699
Jasper County1,933485,441
Jeff Davis County11615,101
Jefferson County15,8972616,319
Jim Hogg County486119,346
Jim Wells County3,406708,414
Johnson County14,4352078,210
Jones County2,5083512,488
Karnes County1,387268,890
Kaufman County11,4501508,410
Kendall County1,890423,985
Kenedy County3027,426
Kent County6818,924
Kerr County3,020605,741
Kimble County22165,096
King County1104,044
Kinney County25837,036
Kleberg County1,974636,434
Knox County207125,650
La Salle County8171510,864
Lamar County4,9251099,878
Lamb County1,7997313,953
Lampasas County908174,237
Lavaca County1,862629,239
Lee County1,180346,845
Leon County869284,993
Liberty County5,0441105,718
Limestone County1,417336,046
Lipscomb County245107,578
Live Oak County967167,922
Llano County805293,694
Loving County10592
Lubbock County45,30864014,589
Lynn County571179,595
Madison County1,158198,107
Marion County391203,968
Martin County5791710,033
Mason County33547,838
Matagorda County2,549726,956
Maverick County8,18922213,945
McCulloch County463125,799
McLennan County21,8943398,532
McMullen County7029,421
Medina County3,253616,306
Menard County18058,419
Midland County13,3342007,540
Milam County1,577186,353
Mills County344157,059
Mitchell County535206,261
Montague County1,713458,644
Montgomery County33,0063215,434
Moore County2,1155610,100
Morris County663155,352
Motley County7966,583
Nacogdoches County3,4691105,320
Navarro County4,798709,574
Newton County460193,384
Nolan County1,399389,508
Nueces County31,6355168,732
Ochiltree County965199,811
Oldham County16727,907
Orange County5,948797,132
Palo Pinto County2,298487,873
Panola County1,207495,204
Parker County11,3141147,919
Parmer County1,1123211,577
Pecos County1,379268,715
Polk County2,450694,771
Potter County15,94729813,582
Presidio County627199,353
Rains County632195,050
Randall County15,10420310,968
Reagan County35779,275
Real County263127,619
Red River County541314,500
Reeves County1,518339,502
Refugio County536177,714
Roberts County4815,621
Robertson County1,069246,261
Rockwall County8,222747,837
Runnels County1,0852510,571
Rusk County2,964635,448
Sabine County446254,231
San Augustine County489265,937
San Jacinto County606212,100
San Patricio County3,4501115,170
San Saba County484157,993
Schleicher County18466,588
Scurry County2,2704613,590
Shackelford County18715,727
Shelby County1,258454,977
Sherman County117113,872
Smith County15,4063076,619
Somervell County88389,674
Starr County7,43321311,500
Stephens County632196,748
Sterling County9647,436
Stonewall County13439,926
Sutton County398610,540
Swisher County678149,166
Tarrant County190,8861,7809,079
Taylor County13,1332609,514
Terrell County7219,278
Terry County1,4754611,956
Throckmorton County5633,731
Titus County3,107559,487
Tom Green County11,4792019,630
Travis County60,3796144,739
Trinity County488123,331
Tyler County982194,531
Upshur County2,540406,083
Upton County28677,821
Uvalde County2,590479,686
Val Verde County6,33115712,914
Van Zandt County3,154765,573
Victoria County6,6721347,246
Walker County6,900939,456
Waller County2,585264,679
Ward County933137,776
Washington County1,665694,640
Webb County34,32250612,406
Wharton County2,956837,113
Wheeler County42798,445
Wichita County13,1792589,967
Wilbarger County1,7074113,368
Willacy County1,949699,125
Williamson County29,7962635,045
Wilson County2,790405,463
Winkler County634157,915
Wise County5,384827,693
Wood County2,553855,606
Yoakum County801239,193
Young County1,685329,356
Zapata County1,335209,415
Zavala County1,2082810,203

To learn more about how we did this, visit our detailed methodology and sources page.

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