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Data Updated Sep 18, 2020

Coronavirus cases continue to grow in Texas. From cities to rural towns, stay informed on where COVID-19 is spreading to understand how it could affect families, commerce, and travel. Follow new cases found each day and the total number of cases and deaths in Texas. The county-level tracker makes it easy to follow COVID-19 cases on a granular level, as does the ability to break down infections per 100,000 people. This county visualization is unique to USAFacts and will be updated with the most recent data as frequently as possible. The underlying data is available for download below the US county map and has helped government agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its nationwide efforts.

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(+4,065 reported Sep 17)



(+112 reported Sep 17)


Known Cases of COVID-19

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County Stats for Texas

CountyKnown CasesDeathsKnown Cases (Per 100K)
Anderson County2,812274,870.5
Andrews County41082,191.9
Angelina County2,094772,414.8
Aransas County308181,310.1
Archer County671783.4
Armstrong County121635.9
Atascosa County623301,217.9
Austin County48191,601.6
Bailey County20752,957.1
Bandera County1127484.6
Bastrop County1,730281,949.9
Baylor County140399.0
Bee County1,791295,499.8
Bell County5,255771,448.0
Bexar County50,4251,2332,516.8
Blanco County13751,148.3
Borden County000.0
Bosque County27661,477.1
Bowie County1,218461,306.2
Brazoria County10,8721562,904.9
Brazos County5,860612,556.6
Brewster County21422,325.3
Briscoe County121776.2
Brooks County293214,130.8
Brown County533201,407.7
Burleson County32261,745.9
Burnet County694121,441.2
Caldwell County1,458353,339.1
Calhoun County62372,926.3
Callahan County843602.5
Cameron County22,2768565,264.2
Camp County342102,611.9
Carson County180303.7
Cass County306141,019.1
Castro County24353,227.1
Chambers County1,24482,837.8
Cherokee County1,506262,860.6
Childress County640876.0
Clay County751716.3
Cochran County4711,647.4
Coke County5031,476.2
Coleman County653795.1
Collin County12,5991331,217.6
Collingsworth County180616.4
Colorado County46542,163.5
Comal County2,5841021,654.2
Comanche County25631,877.5
Concho County6622,421.1
Cooke County3915947.7
Coryell County1,786122,351.5
Cottle County2521,788.3
Crane County7121,480.1
Crockett County16464,734.4
Crosby County8531,481.6
Culberson County4822,211.0
Dallam County22683,101.4
Dallas County76,1491,0592,889.3
Dawson County31882,498.4
Deaf Smith County849204,577.8
Delta County230431.4
Denton County11,3171471,275.6
DeWitt County945334,687.5
Dickens County4822,171.0
Dimmit County19171,886.6
Donley County5911,799.9
Duval County418143,746.5
Eastland County1573855.1
Ector County3,005761,807.8
Edwards County3411,759.8
Ellis County4,181642,262.1
El Paso County22,0784902,630.7
Erath County792121,854.9
Falls County20641,191.0
Fannin County664121,869.7
Fayette County442181,743.9
Fisher County6411,671.0
Floyd County10491,820.7
Foard County80692.6
Fort Bend County15,6252741,925.0
Franklin County12661,174.8
Freestone County40112,033.8
Frio County67183,304.4
Gaines County30681,423.8
Galveston County11,3601533,320.3
Garza County10341,653.6
Gillespie County2129785.5
Glasscock County70496.8
Goliad County15261,984.9
Gonzales County822143,944.9
Gray County27851,270.2
Grayson County1,762351,293.6
Gregg County2,111601,703.2
Grimes County1,070313,705.0
Guadalupe County1,951761,169.3
Hale County1,785535,343.4
Hall County201674.8
Hamilton County11141,311.9
Hansford County10942,018.9
Hardeman County240610.2
Hardin County1,318282,288.1
Harris County120,7712,4702,562.3
Harrison County846311,271.2
Hartley County11302,026.5
Haskell County6221,095.8
Hays County5,697602,474.9
Hemphill County7201,885.3
Henderson County907221,096.2
Hidalgo County30,0461,3893,458.7
Hill County585131,596.2
Hockley County32071,390.0
Hood County873261,416.2
Hopkins County2988803.6
Houston County35991,563.0
Howard County442111,205.5
Hudspeth County453921.0
Hunt County1,537351,558.9
Hutchinson County1803859.7
Irion County100651.0
Jack County13121,466.1
Jackson County526153,563.7
Jasper County446251,255.3
Jeff Davis County140615.7
Jefferson County7,0611262,806.8
Jim Hogg County10131,942.3
Jim Wells County1,398323,453.4
Johnson County2,739481,557.9
Jones County57802,878.1
Karnes County752164,820.2
Kaufman County3,010452,210.7
Kendall County2027425.9
Kenedy County711,732.7
Kent County801,049.9
Kerr County44210840.3
Kimble County161368.9
King County000.0
Kinney County241654.5
Kleberg County966403,148.6
Knox County6881,855.9
Lamar County1,027312,059.8
Lamb County320212,482.0
Lampasas County21981,022.0
La Salle County359114,773.9
Lavaca County708333,513.0
Lee County213141,235.6
Leon County22651,298.6
Liberty County2,207472,501.7
Limestone County542102,312.6
Lipscomb County320989.8
Live Oak County36883,014.7
Llano County1162532.2
Loving County000.0
Lubbock County10,0441133,234.1
Lynn County9051,512.4
McCulloch County13731,715.9
McLennan County7,271932,833.3
McMullen County2102,826.4
Madison County71364,991.6
Marion County147131,491.8
Martin County7661,316.9
Mason County7621,778.2
Matagorda County1,011412,759.1
Maverick County3,5351026,019.9
Medina County1,178412,283.7
Menard County2601,216.1
Midland County3,512591,986.1
Milam County47651,917.6
Mills County5001,026.1
Mitchell County841983.0
Montague County1633822.5
Montgomery County10,3431521,702.9
Moore County1,140205,444.1
Morris County17531,412.7
Motley County70583.3
Nacogdoches County1,501582,302.0
Navarro County1,207242,408.6
Newton County17091,250.5
Nolan County19941,352.5
Nueces County15,5243444,284.9
Ochiltree County12241,240.3
Oldham County151710.2
Orange County1,882402,256.7
Palo Pinto County490151,678.7
Panola County360251,552.1
Parker County1,817311,271.7
Parmer County40774,237.4
Pecos County35452,237.2
Polk County824221,604.6
Potter County4,440523,781.5
Presidio County9551,417.1
Rains County633503.4
Randall County2,553371,853.9
Reagan County8662,234.3
Real County10573,041.7
Red River County158141,314.1
Reeves County18661,164.2
Refugio County301124,332.2
Roberts County901,053.9
Robertson County28541,669.2
Rockwall County1,519251,447.8
Runnels County24252,357.8
Rusk County84961,560.5
Sabine County778730.4
San Augustine County199142,415.9
San Jacinto County2229769.3
San Patricio County1,398722,095.0
San Saba County450743.2
Schleicher County5121,826.0
Scurry County60123,598.2
Shackelford County240735.1
Shelby County460221,820.1
Sherman County5901,952.3
Smith County3,557911,528.2
Somervell County13451,468.0
Starr County3,2781545,071.7
Stephens County12741,356.0
Sterling County40309.8
Stonewall County111814.8
Sutton County8132,145.1
Swisher County9731,311.3
Tarrant County42,5866792,025.5
Taylor County1,411471,022.2
Terrell County30386.6
Terry County22341,807.6
Throckmorton County62399.7
Titus County1,420284,335.9
Tom Green County2,168621,818.8
Travis County28,1033952,206.0
Trinity County19161,303.7
Tyler County2074955.1
Upshur County3689881.4
Upton County222601.6
Uvalde County748302,797.2
Val Verde County1,957983,991.8
Van Zandt County55618982.5
Victoria County3,972924,313.5
Walker County3,567534,888.2
Waller County808111,462.5
Ward County1191991.8
Washington County621481,730.7
Webb County12,8102544,630.4
Wharton County1,309503,150.0
Wheeler County440870.3
Wichita County1,570191,187.3
Wilbarger County13121,025.9
Willacy County1,195465,595.1
Williamson County8,2961391,404.8
Wilson County572261,120.0
Winkler County11011,373.3
Wise County710131,014.5
Wood County477201,047.5
Yoakum County19842,272.5
Young County25961,438.1
Zapata County32362,278.0
Zavala County283162,390.2

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