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Data Updated Sep 18, 2020

Coronavirus cases continue to grow in Kansas. From cities to rural towns, stay informed on where COVID-19 is spreading to understand how it could affect families, commerce, and travel. Follow new cases found each day and the total number of cases and deaths in Kansas. The county-level tracker makes it easy to follow COVID-19 cases on a granular level, as does the ability to break down infections per 100,000 people. This county visualization is unique to USAFacts and will be updated with the most recent data as frequently as possible. The underlying data is available for download below the US county map and has helped government agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its nationwide efforts.

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Known Cases of COVID-19

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County Stats for Kansas

CountyKnown CasesDeathsKnown Cases (Per 100K)
Allen County420339.6
Anderson County590750.8
Atchison County25211,567.8
Barber County50112.9
Barton County38751,501.2
Bourbon County1322908.2
Brown County893930.6
Butler County82841,237.5
Chase County7812,945.6
Chautauqua County160492.3
Cherokee County40672,036.2
Cheyenne County140526.9
Clark County5012,507.5
Clay County412512.4
Cloud County621705.7
Coffey County10581,283.8
Comanche County100588.2
Cowley County3133896.6
Crawford County91252,349.4
Decatur County90318.4
Dickinson County911492.8
Doniphan County8701,144.7
Douglas County1,952101,596.6
Edwards County4001,429.6
Elk County2079.1
Ellis County74232,598.7
Ellsworth County270442.5
Finney County1,995125,470.7
Ford County2,571107,647.5
Franklin County29431,151.0
Geary County38221,206.2
Gove County200758.7
Graham County2811,128.1
Grant County16732,335.7
Gray County10401,736.8
Greeley County60487.0
Greenwood County400668.7
Hamilton County4401,733.0
Harper County11922,189.1
Harvey County3285952.7
Haskell County7001,764.1
Hodgeman County1801,003.3
Jackson County22511,708.3
Jefferson County1651866.5
Jewell County141486.3
Johnson County9,9171381,646.2
Kearny County8112,110.5
Kingman County670936.8
Kiowa County200808.1
Labette County22031,121.4
Lane County110716.6
Leavenworth County1,89192,312.9
Lincoln County120405.1
Linn County700721.4
Logan County80286.3
Lyon County996213,000.5
McPherson County2491872.4
Marion County961807.8
Marshall County170175.1
Meade County9612,380.4
Miami County3191931.7
Mitchell County430719.2
Montgomery County31951,002.2
Morris County260462.6
Morton County132502.5
Nemaha County761742.8
Neosho County1270793.4
Ness County5411,963.6
Norton County260485.0
Osage County880551.8
Osborne County60175.4
Ottawa County480841.5
Pawnee County28104,381.0
Phillips County8281,566.7
Pottawatomie County1920787.4
Pratt County610665.6
Rawlins County70276.7
Reno County92531,492.0
Republic County411884.4
Rice County651681.6
Riley County1,50182,022.0
Rooks County470955.3
Rush County4101,350.5
Russell County580846.0
Saline County61091,125.0
Scott County9211,907.5
Sedgwick County8,107811,571.0
Seward County1,51657,074.9
Shawnee County2,523271,426.4
Sheridan County120476.0
Sherman County220371.8
Smith County60167.5
Stafford County5111,227.1
Stanton County4922,442.7
Stevens County8601,567.9
Sumner County1663726.9
Thomas County8701,118.7
Trego County3011,070.3
Wabaunsee County661952.2
Wallace County1601,054.0
Washington County140259.0
Wichita County50236.0
Wilson County570668.6
Woodson County150478.0
Wyandotte County6,6521334,021.1

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