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Kansas Coronavirus Cases and Deaths

Track the spread of COVID-19 by state

Data Updated Jan 18, 2021

Total ReportedOn Jan 177-Day Average
Known Cases259,008531,974

New Known Cases Per Day

New Known Deaths Per Day

In Kansas, there were 53 newly reported COVID-19 cases and 0 newly reported COVID-19 deaths on Jan 17, 2021


Known Cases Per 100,000 Residents

From cities to rural towns, stay informed on where COVID-19 is spreading to understand how it could affect families, commerce, and travel. Follow new cases found each day and the total number of cases and deaths in Kansas. The county-level tracker makes it easy to follow COVID-19 cases on a granular level, as does the ability to break down infections per 100,000 people. This county visualization is unique to USAFacts and will be updated with the most recent data as frequently as possible. The underlying data is available for download below the US county map and has helped government agencies like Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its nationwide efforts.

County Stats for Kansas

CountyKnown CasesDeathsKnown Cases (Per 100K)
Allen County82916,702
Anderson County70308,946
Atchison County1,356108,437
Barber County33327,522
Barton County2,405219,329
Bourbon County1,15137,919
Brown County1,1402911,920
Butler County6,340429,475
Chase County21928,270
Chautauqua County21736,677
Cherokee County2,0321510,191
Cheyenne County3271112,307
Clark County215510,782
Clay County706218,823
Cloud County917110,437
Coffey County576117,042
Comanche County15389,000
Cowley County3,092108,858
Crawford County3,9273510,116
Decatur County24178,525
Dickinson County1,467277,944
Doniphan County836711,000
Douglas County7,470366,110
Edwards County23308,327
Elk County14805,850
Ellis County3,3604611,768
Ellsworth County1,133418,568
Finney County5,7744315,833
Ford County5,3811016,006
Franklin County2,072198,111
Geary County2,441187,708
Gove County3562213,505
Graham County22629,106
Grant County9361513,091
Gray County57079,519
Greeley County9908,036
Greenwood County54729,144
Hamilton County19507,680
Harper County526169,676
Harvey County3,170339,207
Haskell County39229,879
Hodgeman County16949,420
Jackson County1,194109,065
Jefferson County1,425247,483
Jewell County18236,322
Johnson County44,9735337,466
Kearny County527913,731
Kingman County616108,613
Kiowa County23249,374
Labette County2,2952511,698
Lane County11437,427
Leavenworth County5,666426,930
Lincoln County23637,968
Linn County64216,617
Logan County283010,129
Lyon County3,6796711,083
Marion County84767,127
Marshall County944229,725
McPherson County2,796489,796
Meade County443410,984
Miami County2,209196,452
Mitchell County536138,965
Montgomery County2,75068,640
Morris County478178,505
Morton County22088,504
Nemaha County1,4005013,684
Neosho County1,497169,352
Ness County3321512,073
Norton County1,1932722,253
Osage County1,00386,289
Osborne County25807,542
Ottawa County47208,275
Pawnee County1,065816,604
Phillips County6371712,170
Pottawatomie County1,34565,516
Pratt County754218,228
Rawlins County329713,004
Reno County7,60511112,267
Republic County6361213,719
Rice County92319,678
Riley County5,597237,540
Rooks County580911,789
Rush County391012,879
Russell County7802111,377
Saline County5,161839,518
Scott County5351611,093
Sedgwick County46,4463409,000
Seward County3,6942817,239
Shawnee County13,9132637,866
Sheridan County406016,105
Sherman County57399,684
Smith County23816,642
Stafford County32197,724
Stanton County16628,275
Stevens County51119,316
Sumner County1,665277,291
Thomas County1,006912,936
Trego County350112,487
Wabaunsee County54547,863
Wallace County167011,001
Washington County46988,676
Wichita County20959,863
Wilson County786109,220
Woodson County16605,290
Wyandotte County17,21721010,407

To learn more about how we did this, visit our detailed methodology and sources page.

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