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As the election approaches, here is a quick overview of the states with Senate races this election year. Each state has two senators, elected for six-year terms. Those terms are staggered so that around one-third of all senators are up for reelection every two years, and normally no more than one Senate seat is on the ballot per state. This year, because of a special election in Georgia — where there is also a regular Senate race scheduled — there will be 35 races in 34 states on election day.

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There are 20 Republican incumbents and 11 Democratic incumbents defending their seats this fall. Four Senators are not seeking reelection — three Republicans and one Democrat.

Here is a full list of Senate races. Click on a state to visit the USAFacts Voter Center, which has more information on key issues and candidate platforms for each race.


  • Incumbent: Doug Jones (Democratic)
  • Tommy Tuberville (Republican)


  • Incumbent: Dan Sullivan (Republican)
  • Al Gross (Democratic)
  • John Wayne Howe (Alaskan Independence)

Arizona special election

  • Incumbent: Martha McSally (Republican)
  • Mark Kelly (Democratic)

Martha McSally was appointed to the post in January 2019 by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, following the death of Republican Senator John McCain and the resignation of his initial replacement, then-retired Senator John Kyl.


  • Incumbent: Tom Cotton (Republican)
  • Ricky Dale Harrington (Libertarian)


  • Incumbent: Cory Gardner (Republican)
  • John Hickenlooper (Democratic)
  • Stephan Evans (United)
  • Daniel Doyle (Approval Voting)
  • Raymon Doane (Libertarian)


  • Incumbent: Chris Coons (Democratic)
  • Lauren Witzke (Republican)
  • Nadine Frost (Libertarian)
  • Mark Turley (independent)


  • Incumbent: David Perdue (Republican)
  • Jon Ossoff (Democratic)
  • Shane Hazel (Libertarian)

Georgia special election

  • Incumbent: Kelly Loeffler (Republican)
  • Doug Collins (Republican)
  • Derrick Grayson (Republican)
  • Annette Davis Jackson (Republican)
  • Wayne Johnson (Republican)
  • Kandiss Taylor (Republican)
  • Deborah Jackson (Democratic)
  • Jamesia James (Democratic)
  • Tamara Johnson-Shealey (Democratic)
  • Matt Lieberman (Democratic)
  • Joy Felicia Slade (Democratic)
  • Ed Tarver (Democratic)
  • Raphael Warnock (Democratic)
  • Richard Winfield (Democratic)
  • John Fortuin (Green)
  • Brian Slowinski (Libertarian)
  • Al Bartell (independent)
  • Allen Buckley (independent)
  • Michael Greene (independent)
  • Valencia Stovall (independent)

Kelly Loeffler was appointed to the post in January 2020 by Georgia Governor Mike Kemp, following the resignation of Republican Senator Johnny Isakson. There are no primaries in Georgia special elections. If no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, the top two finishers will advance to a runoff election.


  • Incumbent: Jim Risch (Republican)
  • Paulette Jordan (Democratic)
  • Natalie Fleming (independent)
  • Ray Writz (Constitution)


  • Incumbent: Dick Durbin (Democratic),
  • Mark Curran (Republican)
  • David Black (Green)
  • Chad Koppie (Constitution)
  • Danny Malouf (Libertarian)
  • Willie Wilson (independent)


  • Incumbent: Joni Ernst (Republican)
  • Theresa Greenfield (Democratic)
  • Suzanne Herzog (independent)
  • Rick Stewart (Libertarian)


  • No incumbent
  • Roger Marshall (Republican)
  • Barbara Bollier (Democratic)
  • Jason Buckley (Libertarian)

Current Republican Senator Pat Roberts is not running for reelection.


  • Incumbent: Mitch McConnell (Republican)
  • Amy McGrath (Democratic)
  • Brad Barron (Libertarian)


  • Incumbent: Bill Cassidy (Republican)
  • Dustin Murphy (Republican)
  • Derrick Edwards (Democratic)
  • David Drew Knight (Democratic)
  • Adrian Perkins (Democratic)
  • Antoine Pierce (Democratic)
  • Peter Wenstrup (Democratic)
  • Reno Daret (independent)
  • MV Mendoza (independent)
  • Jamar Montgomery (independent)
  • Melinda Mary Price (independent)
  • Aaron Sigler (Libertarian)

In Louisiana, all local, state, and congressional office races operate without primaries. If no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, the top two finishers will advance to a runoff election.


  • Incumbent: Susan Collins (Republican)
  • Sara Gideon (Democratic)
  • Max Linn (independent)
  • Lisa Savage (independent)


  • Incumbent: Ed Markey (Democratic)
  • Kevin O’Connor (Republican)


  • Incumbent: Gary Peters (Democratic)
  • John James (Republican)
  • Doug Dern (independent)
  • Marcia Squier (Green)
  • Valerie Willis (independent)


  • Incumbent: Tina Smith (Democratic)
  • Jason Lewis (Republican)
  • Kevin O’Connor (independent)
  • Oliver Steinberg (independent)


  • Incumbent: Cindy Hyde-Smith (Republican)
  • Michael Espy (Democratic)
  • Jimmy Edwards (Libertarian)


  • Incumbent: Steve Daines (Republican)
  • Steve Bullock (Democratic)
  • Wendie Fredrickson (Green)


  • Incumbent: Ben Sasse (Republican)
  • Chris Janicek (Democratic)
  • Gene Siadek (Libertarian)

New Hampshire

  • Incumbent: Jeanne Shaheen (Democratic)
  • Corky Messner (Republican)
  • Justin O’Donnell (Libertarian)

New Jersey

  • Incumbent: Cory Booker (Democratic)
  • Rikin Mehta (Republican)
  • Daniel Burke (independent)
  • Veronica Fernandez (independent)
  • Madelyn Hoffman (Green)

New Mexico

  • No incumbent
  • Ben Ray Luján (Democratic)
  • Mark Ronchetti (Republican)
  • Bob Walsh (Libertarian)

Current Democratic Senator Tom Udall is not running for reelection.

North Carolina

  • Incumbent: Thom Tillis (Republican)
  • Cal Cunningham (Democratic)
  • Shannon Bray (Libertarian)
  • Kevin Hayes (Constitution)


  • Incumbent: Jim Inhofe (Republican)
  • Abby Broyles (Democratic)
  • Joan Farr (independent)
  • Robert Murphy (Libertarian)
  • AD Nesbit (independent)


  • Incumbent: Jeff Merkley (Democratic)
  • Jo Rae Perkins (Republican)
  • Gary Lyndon Dye (Libertarian)
  • Ibrahim Taher (Green)

Rhode Island

  • Incumbent: Jack Reed (Democratic)
  • Allen Waters (Republican)

South Carolina

  • Incumbent: Lindsey Graham (Republican)
  • Jaime Harrison (Democratic)
  • Bill Bledsoe (Constitution)
  • Keenan Dunham (Libertarian)
  • David Weikle (Libertarian)

South Dakota

  • Incumbent: Mike Rounds (Republican)
  • Dan Ahlers (Democratic)


  • No incumbent
  • Bill Hagerty (Republican)
  • Marquita Bradshaw (Democratic)
  • Yomi Faparusi (independent)
  • Jeffrey Grunau (independent)
  • Ronnie Henley (independent)
  • Dean Hill (independent)
  • Steven Hooper (independent)
  • Aaron James (independent)
  • Elizabeth McLeod (independent)
  • Kacey Morgan (independent)
  • Eric Stansberry (independent)

Current Republican Senator Lamar Alexander is not running for reelection.


  • Incumbent: John Cornyn (Republican)
  • Mary Hegar (Democratic)
  • David Collins (Green)
  • Kerry McKennon (Libertarian)


  • Incumbent: Mark Warner (Democratic)
  • Daniel Gade (Republican)

West Virginia

  • Incumbent: Shelley Moore Capito (Republican)
  • Paula Swearengin (Democratic)
  • David Moran (Libertarian)


  • No incumbent
  • Cynthia Lummis (Republican)
  • Merav Ben-David (Democratic)

Current Republican Senator Mike Enzi is not running for reelection.

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