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The US promised $679.9 million in foreign assistance to Ukraine in fiscal year 2020, the most in a single year since 1994.

Total US foreign aid to Ukraine in FY 2020 was more than double the amount pledged in FY 2015. Military aid was the biggest increase — up by $200.7 million — while economic aid increased by $182.9 million, according to United States Agency for International Development and State Department data. Ukraine was the 17th-largest recipient of foreign aid in 2020. Afghanistan was the largest recipient at $3.9 billion that year, followed by Israel at $3.3 billion.

The US Overseas Loans and Grants data, also known as the Greenbook, breaks down historical data on economic and military spending in Ukraine. Military aid primarily benefits government armed forces and does not include the cost of US combat operations. Economic aid is for the broad development of the country’s economy and can include non-military security support.

How much US aid to Ukraine is for the military?

The US pledged $1.8 billion in military aid to Ukraine since 2001— 30.8% of total foreign aid to the country. This is consistent with the international average for US foreign aid with 30% of foreign assistance spent on the military. The US spent $284 million on military foreign aid to the country in 2020.

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How much economic aid did the US pledge to Ukraine?

Since 2001, economic aid was $4.5 billion or 68% of total foreign aid to Ukraine. In 2020, the US spent $395.9 million on economic aid to the country. According to the Greenbook data, judicial system development, control of sexually transmitted diseases, and material relief assistance were the three biggest programs to receive economic aid. Together, they constituted about 30% of the 2020 economic obligations to Ukraine.

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How much does the US spend on foreign aid annually?

The United States has granted between $48 billion and $57.4 billion in inflation-adjusted foreign aid to countries and organizations worldwide annually since 2010. Due to reporting constraints, these figures exclude missile defense funding from the Defense Department. In 2020, the $51 billion approved in aid accounted for just under 1% of total federal spending.

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