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This Thanksgiving, pass the gravy and dig into a visual feast of government numbers. Get a slice of pie (charts) filled with data, figures, and metrics on the United States.

Data for your dinner table

  1. This year’s Thanksgiving tables are reflecting a more diverse America than over a decade ago.  In 2022, the white, non-Hispanic group made up 58.9% of the population compared with 63.8% in 2010. The Hispanic/Latino group grew the most, increasing 2.7 percentage points to 19.1% in 2022.
Two pie chart showing a comparison of the racial makeup of America in 2010 and 2022

2. Nine of the top 10 most educated states are on the East Coast. Massachusetts leads the pack with 46.6% of the population 25 years and older earning at least a bachelor's degree as of 2021. Outside the East Coast, Colorado closely follows with 45.9% of its population holding a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Pie chart showing maximum educational attainment for adults 25 and older. Nine of the ten most educated states are on the east cost.

3. As Thanksgiving feasts unfold across tables, what’s likely to be paired with your turkey? There’s a good chance it’s water. Americans are quenching their thirst with water more than any other drink. Water accounted for half of the overall beverage consumption, outpacing other popular beverages such as coffee (14%), soft drinks (10%), milk (7%), and tea (7%).

A pie chart showing that 53% of Americans drink water in the time period between 2010-2022.

4. Driving home for the holidays? Electric cars release half as much greenhouse gas emissions as gas-powered cars on average. But while all-electric vehicles produce less life cycle emissions, about 35% of greenhouse gas emissions for all-electric vehicles come from either battery or car manufacturing. This is because more greenhouse gases are created when mining for the lithium used in electric vehicle batteries. The remaining 65% of emissions are from electricity.

7 days of pie vehicle emissions

Pie chart comparing electric and gas vehicle emissions.

5. Over 70% of total crude oil production came from five states in 2022: Texas, New Mexico, North Dakota, Alaska, and Colorado. Here's a breakdown:

  • Texas: More than 1.8 billion barrels of crude oil produced, or 42.5% of total US production
  • New Mexico: More than 579 million barrels of crude oil produced, or 13.3%
  • North Dakota: More than 386 million barrels of crude oil produced, or 8.9%
  • Alaska: More than 159 million barrels of crude oil produced, or 3.7%
  • Colorado: More than 160 million barrels of crude oil produced, or 3.7%
A pie chart showing over 70% of total crude oil production came from five states.

6. This Thanksgiving, consider toasting the hardworking dogs serving America. At the top of the government dog job world, the Department of Homeland Security leads the pack with 2,943 canine employees. Hot on their tails is the Defense Department with 1,808 furry colleagues, followed by the State Department and the Department of Agriculture with 204 and 148, respectively.

Pie chart showing that over 50% of dogs employed by the federal government work for the Department of Homeland Security.

7. America is getting older.  Between 2010 and 2022, the 65 and older population increased by 43%, making it the fastest-growing age group. The 0 to 4 age group declined the most, dropping 8.2% between 2010 and 2022. This coincides with declining birth rates and women choosing to have children later in life.

Pie charts showing the percent of the population over the age of 65 and under the age of 20, 2010 and 2022.

Is Thanksgiving becoming more expensive?

October 2023 food prices were up 3.3% from a year before. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ October Consumer Price Index report shows data on food staples for an overview of how much more Americans might spend on meals this holiday season.

The category of “other uncooked poultry including turkey” increased 7.2% from a year ago.

It's not all bad news for home cooks, though. Butter and potatoes are down by 3.7% and 3.3% respectively, making that creamy mashed potato dish a more budget-friendly delight.

There is good news for those planning to visit loved ones: airline fares have dropped by 13.2%. Costs associated with hitting the road dropped as well, with gasoline prices down by 5.3%, and car and truck rental prices down by 9.6%.

Infographic of the CPI (Consumer Price Index) for food and travel.

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Where does Thanksgiving dinner come from?
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