Look at the data on educational progress and challenges.
From health insurance to prescription drug prices, the cost of healthcare has been a political issue for decades.
Find data on a range of immigration issues, including information on asylum seekers, DACA, visas, plus border security.
Trade & Tariffs
Trade is an important part of the American economy and a key driver of many industries.
Jobs & Unemployment
The number of new jobs and the unemployment rate are regularly cited in the news, but they’re just part of the picture.
Coronavirus Stats & Data
Track how COVID-19 is spreading in the US, plus key indicators for pandemic recovery.
Race in America
Data shines a spotlight on racial inequities in American life.
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US Senate
Jimmy Edwards
Michael Espy
Cindy Hyde-Smith


Cindy believes America has the right to secure its borders and control who enters our country.  She believes illegal immigration must come to an end and supports President Trump’s plans to build a wall on America’s southwestern border and to increase funding to enforce U.S. immigration laws.  Immigrants who wish to live and work here must enter our great country the same way others have in previous generations—by following the law.

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