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Position held

Attorney General, State of Alaska


2009 — 2010

Quotes on the Issues


Empowering survivors of domestic violence and securing $60 million for public safety in rural Alaska.


Confirming an unprecedented 192 federal judges – including two Supreme Court justices – who will defend the Constitution and our written rule of law.


Protecting our Second Amendment right to bear arms.


Securing $300 million to fund new water and sewer programs, as well as funding for new ports, harbors and icebreakers to defend America’s interests in the Arctic.


Rebuilding our nation’s military, especially in Alaska, after the 25% cuts by the Obama Administration which gutted the readiness of our forces.


Improving medical care for veterans and their families by increasing the number of doctors, staff and facilities in Alaska’s VA hospitals.


Fighting back against socialist policies like the Green New Deal, which will destroy Alaska’s economy, and opening up access to our lands.


Passing historic legislation to clean up our oceans.


Leading the fight to unleash Alaska’s energy potential by opening ANWR and reopening the NPR-A for development.

Fighting for Alaska Native communities, subsistence whalers, and the rights of ivory craftsmen.

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