Look at the data on educational progress and challenges.
From health insurance to prescription drug prices, the cost of healthcare has been a political issue for decades.
Find data on a range of immigration issues, including information on asylum seekers, DACA, visas, plus border security.
Trade & Tariffs
Trade is an important part of the American economy and a key driver of many industries.
Jobs & Unemployment
The number of new jobs and the unemployment rate are regularly cited in the news, but they’re just part of the picture.
Coronavirus Stats & Data
Track how COVID-19 is spreading in the US, plus key indicators for pandemic recovery.
Race in America
Data shines a spotlight on racial inequities in American life.
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Quotes on the Issues


In civilized society, all people deserve access to affordable health care. Health care is a basic human right.

We need limits on campaign contributions.

Utahns voted for Proposition 4, creating a strong, independent redistricting commission to create fair and balanced legislative districts. I support fully respecting the will of voters and will insist that voters chose their representatives—not the other way around.

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Civil Rights

Disabled Utahns, their families, and their communities should have access to the support, recognition, and resources they need to thrive.


Too many Utahns work hard, but cannot keep up with the rising cost of living. I will fight to ensure that Utah’s economy works for working families.


Our national and state parks, forests, and wilderness areas are a heritage we should preserve for all.


I will fight to reduce air pollution and transition to a clean energy future.


We need to increase teacher compensation and provide more resources for textbooks, supplies, technology support, special needs students, counseling, and career training.


I will work to bring more resources to Utah’s K-12 schools and to make higher education better and more accessible.


Utah government should use clean energy, technology sector jobs, and other resources to build our rural communities.


Utah is blessed with great natural beauty and a vibrant culture. I will work to promote tourism and the arts to enrich the lives of every Utahn.


Family farms and ranches are an important part of Utah’s economy and culture. I will work to ensure that economic development and changing technology works to enhance and preserve this way of life.


I will work to expand financing opportunities for small and mid-sized businesses, cut unnecessary red-tape, and create incentives to invest in research and development, training, and employee capacity.

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